Employee Wellness and Its Impact in the Modern Workplace

Employee Wellness and Its Impact in the Modern Workplace

One sunny and a breezy Sunday Morning:

Suresh: Roma, Good Morning Darling? It’s a pleasant day out there, let’s go out, have lunch and fun together. A family day out.
Roma: Neeahh…,Yaaa it’s a good day out there but honey, I have some couple of works to finish and then check on with the kids for the coming week (attending their schools tasks etc.) and I believe, I will be by then totally exhausted. So honey lets plan next week.
Suresh: Ok

Next week comes:

Roma: Honey its weekend, let’s go out as per last week’s discussion. Kids are also excited and ready to rock.
Suresh: Dear, I guess this week is difficult, as I have to prepare a report and submit it on Monday. Maybe next week.
Roma: Ahammm.. Ok

Does the above echo like your owns in some manner? Do you all relate to it?

Be honest enough to accept it and say a “YES”.

It happens in some or the other form, maybe a pleasant chat like the above with a tinge of disappointment or maybe… Continue Reading

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