"Listen, Learn,
Adapt & Approach..."

- Shravanti Das

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New Age Technologies: Talent Acquisitions with Human Touch

The Technological transformation has led to various debates in the minds as running the HR hiring, jobs and losing on the “Human” factor in the process. Researches show that technology[…]

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Building Empathy and Closing Doors for Empathy-Gap for a Successful Organization

What is an organizational success? It is when “We” all – be it the CEO or the whole hierarchy of people in the organization work towards the achievement of a[…]

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Employee Wellness and Its Impact in the Modern Workplace

One sunny and a breezy Sunday Morning: Suresh: Roma, Good Morning Darling? It’s a pleasant day out there, let’s go out, have lunch and fun together. A family day out.[…]

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Key Strategies to Retain Talent in SME’s and Start-up’s

Wonderful experience to be a part of a trending HR magazine SightsIn Plus, sharing space with the leading HR leaders of the fraternity. A milestone achieved. Published in the July[…]

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Redundancy an Evil Co-existing in the Corporate World

(From an Employee’s Perspective) Are you familiar with this word called “REDUNDANT?” I know it is one of the common words in the corporates now – it’s a stage of[…]

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